Munching on cupcakes at the GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE…

kitchen-cookies-work-cake-8148.jpgMy New York experience wouldn’t be as fulfilling as it was if I hadn’t eaten the cupcakes of the famous ‘Georgetown Cupcake‘ bakery. Yeah, good food really sums up a fabulous trip for me.

So, during the 2nd month of my stay in New York, feeling bored on a Saturday evening, I hit the search bar of Google to search for some interesting bakeries in NYC where I could satisfy my cravings for the dessert. And that’s how I came across the bakery ‘Georgetown Cupcake‘, not realising at the time that I was gonna be a regular at this bakery till the end of my stay.

So, the next morning after mapping out which Subway route I should take to reach there, I set out of the building, keeping my expectations low as I had a bad cheesecake experience the previous week. The bakery was located in SOHO, which for me felt like a whole different world after having wandered the streets of Midtown Manhattan till then.

In SOHO, the streets are cobbled, the sidewalks are filled with artists of all kinds showcasing their talents through various merchandise & of course the walls act as a canvas for unique graffiti work. So after consulting with my tour guide aka the Google map, I found the bakery on Mercer street with a board displaying ‘Georgetown Cupcake‘ in white letters against a black background.

Excitement building, I pushed open the doors & then….halted there itself. Not because I was dumbstruck or anything, but because there was a queue that extended right till the door. I was glad that it wasn’t any more longer or I would have been waiting on the street then! In subsequent visits, I found out that this was the usual scenario on the weekends. But, standing in that queue gave me plenty of time to absorb my surroundings.

As soon as you open the bakery’s door, there’s a ramp that goes right till the counter, with 4 tables placed on your left, each with 2 or 4 chairs. Just before the counter there’s a huge display on the right wall giving you various Cupcake options (believe me, there will be >10 varieties at any time of the year) Hot beverages, Cold beverages & of course an assortment of Tea.

The counter itself looks like a dessert lover’s paradise, with a glass case enclosing delicious looking cupcakes arranged in an artistic way. Over the course of my regular visits there, I’ve tried out most of those flavours. But my all time favourite is the CHOCOLATE SQUARE (the very 1st one in this pic)  And, by the way, there was a cupcake in the 6th slot too in this pic, but I couldn’t control myself & had gobbled it up in the Subway.IMG_9330Gosh!!! just thinking about those cupcakes makes my mouth water even now. Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ganache (for calorie conscious), Red Velvet, Double milk chocolate birthday, Chocolate Vanilla etc,. are just a few other delicious cupcake flavours.

And of course, the ‘Cupcake specials‘ change according to the season. Since I spent my Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas in NYC, I was lucky enough to try out their Holiday specials with cute names like Reindeer cupcake or Chocolate Ghost & others. They even hand out some of that day’s specials as free cupcakes. And if you order half a dozen or a dozen cupcakes you’ll get a discount too. I know that I am now sounding like a Georgetown Cupcake commercial, but hey, I love this place that much and want others to experience (yes, experience and not just eat) those delicious cupcakes too.

And this blog post would be incomplete if I didn’t mention the ‘Iced Caramel Latte‘ that I had here every time I visited. I’ve tried the same drink at so many cafes in NYC, but none can come close to the one served here. I was such a fan of this latte that during my later visits, as soon as I entered the bakery, the guy handling the beverage section would immediately start preparing my favourite drink. Yeah, that’s a little embarrassing.

I am no food critic/ dessert expert, but after trying out cupcakes at various other places in NYC, I can definitely vouch for the fact that the Cupcakes here ARE THE BEST. And if you are visiting NYC, you should definitely check out this bakery, you won’t regret it. And now, let me just fly away to my la-la land where I am surrounded by all those gorgeous cupcakes, with of course a CHOCOLATE SQUARE in my mouth. Sigh…

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  1. rathnakar upadhya
    14 October 2019 at 1:23 pm

    Perfect writing on an eatery which you love most…Nice experience…Got to know many things about cup cake…!

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