Dear girl…


Anyone can sympathize with me when I say as to how exhausting it is to attend any wedding in summer, just thinking about that now drains me out. As I sat down tiredly in one of the few empty chairs in the wedding hall, I hadn’t noticed a group of 4 ladies behind me who were busy in doing their favourite job- gossiping, oblivious to the world. Since I was too tired to get up & find another spot, I remained where I was which was a mistake.

“……I feel so sorry for her parents” one lady was saying, “Then what, I tell you, this generation’s girls are too arrogant, no thoughts about their parents or culture” another lady joined in. “The boy was perfect, good education, had decent looks & do you know how rich they are?” “Exactly, and what was the reason she gave for not agreeing to the proposal? She wants to finish her MBA first & work in different cities it seems” “She can do that even after marriage, I mean just look at our girl, we got her married as soon as she turned 23. It looks like that girl has too high ambitions in her life, it’s not gonna end well, her poor parents…..”

Unable to tolerate anymore, I got up & left the place, their words were more stifling than the humid weather for me. pexels-photo-205000I knew the girl they were talking about, she was one of the sweetest persons I knew, was a bright student & her parents were very proud of her. To call her arrogant & to pass judgments on her just because she refused to marry a guy who in their eyes was perfect was beyond ridiculous.

Dear girl, wipe your tears, don’t you know that this is the usual scenario in all weddings? instead of enjoying the function, ladies like these keep themselves busy in repeatedly asking a girl as to when will she marry from the moment she turns 23pexels-photo-590081 or in giving dark looks to a girl who had a love marriage or in giving pitying looks to a girl’s parents if for whatever reason she had refused a proposal, which according to these ladies would be a once in a lifetime proposal & do not come knocking at the door every time. And if the girl has turned 30 & is unmarried then only God can save that girl & her parents from the hundred questions that these ladies would ask, according to whom being unmarried at 30 is a grievous crime.

Dear girl, even now, when women are making their entry into every field & leaving a mark, pexels-photo-556658even when we see examples of women balancing their work & personal lives so well, even when women are now travelling all over the world solo & getting so enriched in the process, some still don’t consider you capable of taking the decisions of your life. When a 25 yr old man can be trusted enough to know what he wants from his life, why can’t a 25 yr old woman? Or is it just because she has no Y Chromosome, her decision taking skills are lacking?

I just want to say to you, Dear girl, break free from the shackles, keep your chin up & never ever consider yourself a burden on your parents. woman-happiness-sunrise-silhouette-40192Whether you are married/unmarried makes no difference to the importance that you have in your parents lives. You will always be your mother’s little help mate & your dad’s princess. Dear girl, you are very precious, never lose that pride in yourself, because it’s as clear as day that your parents will never stop feeling proud of you.

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  1. Samskruthi
    8 March 2018 at 3:04 pm

    My favourite blog so far.. so well written!!

    • Navya
      8 March 2018 at 3:21 pm

      Thank you Kruthiakka 😘❤️❤️❤️

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