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I am sure that all of us have our own stories of love, triumph, heartbreak and failure. This series is an attempt to bring forth to light the fact that nobody’s life is perfect, but that’s what makes this world so perfect. When we are in love, we shout it to the world, but when we get heartbroken, most of the times we suffer alone. When we look at a beautiful picture of our friend on social media, it’s natural to feel envious. We go ‘Wow, they have got their life all sorted, personally and professionally, where as I…’ But sometimes, we tend to forget that though their eyes might be shining with happiness now, there might have been a time in the past when they were shining with tears. It’s this journey of triumphs and tribulations that makes life so interesting and our lives so enriching. Hence, starting from this story, in the series ‘This is my story…“, I’ll be sharing with you all stories of love and heartbreak, because as cheesy as it sounds, I believe that happiness doubles and sadness halves when we share them with others.

It was a classic case of ‘Love at first sight’. It was the first year of MBBS and after undergoing a very rigorous coaching for the medical entrance exams, he was looking forward to finally starting his medical degree. It was 7:45 AM and the classroom was still almost empty as students usually came in at the last possible minute for the 8 AM class. (Ok, I know it’s his story, but I am unable to stop myself from commenting on the bus driver of the girls’ hostel whose very name was a very famous song composed by AR Rahman many years ago with the tag line ‘….don’t worry…..’. Sadly, unlike the song, he was the very cause of worry for the girls by being solely responsible for them being late EVERY SINGLE DAY for those 8 AM classes) Now, back to his story, he was sitting alone in one of the middle benches of the middle row looking down at his phone when a group of foreign medical students came into the class. Since they lived nearby, they were always on time for the class. He spared them a glance, went back to his phone and did a double take. His eyes drew to a cute girl dressed in her traditional attire but with a white coat, who looked lonely in her group of friends. She wasn’t paying heed to the conversation of her friends and her eyes were drifting here and there at the classroom, lost in thoughts. She was missing her family sorely and it was her first time being so far away from them. As she was about to sit, her eyes connected with the guy in the middle row. He looked away immediately but both felt the sparks the minute their eyes connected!

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His whole mind was occupied with her thoughts during the first class as the teacher droned on about Carbohydrates. And at 11AM, when all of the class had gathered outside the Dissection Hall, he introduced himself to her and thus began their beautiful relationship. He was pleasantly surprised to find that she was funny and kind too. A medical student’s life is hard, but she made those 5 1/2 years a lot more bearable to him. On his part, he made sure that he did his best to alleviate her homesickness as much as possible by always making her laugh, helping her with her studies and taking care of her food habits as she frequently fell sick. He always accompanied her from her hostel to the classes, waited for her when the classes were over to have lunch together, introduced her to Indian food which she found out that she really enjoyed, much to her surprise. If they were not spending time together at the library then they were watching the Korean game show Running Man that they both loved. He was already envisioning his future with her.

But, like every beautiful dream, this also came to an end. After finishing MBBS, she went back to her country and both got busy with their lives, him in his MD entrance exam preparations and her in her Hospital job. But, he still made sure that he contacted her every single day and shared about their days with each other. Any medical student can tell you that preparing for a MD entrance exam is literally the most important thing in her/his life as it decides their future and it’s guaranteed to be a nightmare time. After a year, when she came back for a little while, he couldn’t meet her as he had his exams then and to this day he considers that the biggest mistake of his life as he believes that if he had met with her then, she would have stayed! But, once she went back, things between them went downhill for the next 3- 4 months till they finally broke up. He tried his best to convince her and her parents to give a chance to their relationship but it was of no use. Maybe, the fact that they were from different countries reared its ugly head here, maybe not, we don’t know.  

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Thus began the darkest phase of his life. Since he had started his MD just then, the Hospital became his escape place. He spent his whole day there, covered shifts for anyone who was sick and drove himself into the ground to such an extent that he was too exhausted to even think about her. He was so angry with her, himself and life in general that he got into a relationship with the next girl who showed interest in him, not because he was interested in her but to just forget everything about his first love. And the girl, on her part, was just looking for a casual fling, that fizzled out soon.

There would be no rainbows without rain. And it’s good to know that today, he’s in a happy relationship with a girl who’s kind hearted, knows everything about him and whom he hopes to marry one day. But, if different time zones played the villain earlier, belonging to different religions is playing the same role now. Her family is against their marriage, but he’s hoping to win them over by joining the Army. Early this September, he got selected in the interview and will be a Major soon in the Army.

Let us all wish him the best of luck for this new journey and also send him our best wishes that he’ll be with the love of his life soon. The next time someone tells you that a ‘Heart once broken can never be mended, just roll your eyes at them and remember that the heart is not Harry Potter’s wand to be never fixed once broken. A broken heart just needs the right person to make it brand new again!’

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