Florals forever

Spring is like rewarding a child for her/his good behaviour with chocolates. After enduring months of dreary winter, nature decides to bless us with a riot of colors in the name of spring as a reward. The temperature is not too cold and not too warm but just perfect! We could finally take our picnic blankets to the parks and soak in the sunlight for hours at a stretch after spending months as unidentifiable creatures bundled up in our coats. We can take long walks without looking like a tub of water was just overturned on us like our drenched, sweaty selves in summer. The feeling of seeing flowers bloom to vibrant colors right before our eyes is unparalleled. I could go on forever on how spring is perfect in every possible way. But alas, the season is also too short for my liking. Just as we are getting nicely settled into it, bam! the summer crashes into us like a truck full of bricks.

This year, COVID-19 has put a halt on all our plans of going outside to enjoy the flowers in bloom. Looks like we have to pack-up our this year’s spring share and add it to our next year’s spring account. There might not be any place to go to wearing our spring wardrobe this year, but if the sight of flowers, even if it’s on our clothes could brighten up our moods by a little bit, I don’t see the harm in giving into the urge, what say?

IMG_5591BTS pic. I had just banged my elbow on the compound while posing, and though it looks like I am laughing, I was actually counting the stars and moons in front of my eyes. TOPLa Vie Rebecca Taylor, JEANSZara

IMG_5602INITIAL PENDANT NECKLACE NADRI (linked here). I love how this delicate chain goes well with every outfit, Indian/Western. And though my friend asked me once if the necklace was to remind me my name in case I forgot it, I think personalized accessories always add a special touch to your outfit. EARRINGSKATE SPADE (linked here). I love this brand for their quirky accessories section.

IMG_5631JUTTIS (shoes) – Fizzy goblet (linked here). These days, there are many brands which sell embellished juttis online. My favourite has to be the Fizzy goblet for their gorgeous floral patterns and a unique take on juttis. You definitely should check out their website linked above. The other brand that I like is Needledust, linked here. You might be familiar with the brand as there are many celebrities who are fans.

Before I proceed further to share my favourite floral looks with you guys, I would like to call attention to a new brand that I honestly believe is on the verge of changing the shoe business. The brand is ‘SIMONA RUSK’, named after its founder. Simona Rusk created her brand as a tribute to her mother who passed away unexpectedly. And after her own battle with illness, she decided to get into the business of creating the most beautiful shoes in spite of not having a background in design.

IMG_5611A4772C50-9100-4270-9AF4-D0749FA8C34A9550AF41-085D-4FAC-A811-748F922872DE-1871-000001589AB1216CSimona056E9D36-9A40-4014-8D36-D8A6DA96AF66-1871-000001594AB78F2CAren’t they gorgeous? I have linked ‘The Heirloom Collection’ of the brand here inspired by the lavish interiors and beautiful gardens of British stately homes. Her instagram account is this which you can follow for updates on her next collection. And definitely keep an eye out for her upcoming sample sale.




Share your favourite floral looks in the comment section below.

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  1. GK K
    22 May 2020 at 8:09 am

    Navya, Thank you, this is a very colorful blog post. I will check out the Kate-Spade’s accessories and our own very decorative Desi Jutis. You are a stunner, and you have an equally talented photographer who has captured the candid moments beautifully. Oh my! the backdrop deserves a mention too. Magu, Mr.Keats was right when he said “A thing of beauty is joy for ever”, and those are some beautiful pictures. What a smile!.

    • Navya
      22 May 2020 at 10:51 am

      Thank you so much aunty🤗🤗🤗
      Means a lot♥️♥️♥️♥️

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